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Other Photographs

In this section I have placed photographs that deserve their own space since they are not defined by a land border or continent. I include ocean scenes, flowers, sunsets, and a special category I call triptychs.


Ocean, flowers, and senset scenes are just that. A triptych is three photographs that when put together form a singular scene. It has been very useful to make a very large scene ( 6-7 feet long x 2-3 feet high) using three aluminum panels separated by a small distance. I also think it is a very attractive way to show a scene like the Grand Canyon which just cannot be done in one picture.


I have triptychs for sale in two of the art galleries shown under the GALLERIES tab. Take a look. I think you will like these if you are looking for a large piece of art. I can do an affordable triptych of most  additional scenes where  a customer desires a large art piece for a special space. You can reach me using the CONTACT tab.



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