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In this section I include recent photographs I have taken in North, Central, and South America outside the United States and Mexico. So -- Canada, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.


Eastern South America and the countries of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and the cities of Rio de Janeiro. Buenos Aires, and Montevideo are places I have photographed, but with a film camera, and I no longer have the images.

Same story with Chile and Santiago. Guess another trip is needed.


Canada is a tourist mecca. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward island, lobsters, church suppers, and wonderful B&B's are fond memories. Montreal is a great city. Ottawa surprised me for it's sophistication. Toronto is really big, good subway system for getting around. Vancouver is a treat and gets you close to the Canadian Rockies, the most beautiful mountains in North America. So close to home. Get in your car and go.


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