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arlon sieve photography

I live in southern New Hampshire and Fountain Hills, AZ. I was in sales and marketing management for 40 years with a large computer manufacturer.


I am an avid photography buff. I have traveled to all seven continents and have taken thousands of pictures in many beautiful places. Travel and photography – great combination! It's difficult to name any favorite place, or to even name 10 favorite places.


I think Antarctica was especially beautiful and provided unexpected sights and unusual beauty. Jerusalem and the Holyland are very special places so filled with history. China is vast and mysterious. As Churchill said, Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.


The desert southwest where Mary and I now spend our winters has been a wonderful experience. Never imagined how much color and beauty one sees in the desert. Born in the Midwest and living east of the Mississippi, I previously thought of desert as "just miles of sand and cactus".


New Hampshire, where we have lived for almost 30 years and where we spend our summers, is a very special place because of the history and the rural nature of much of the land. You can't just paint or photograph the yellows and reds of the October landscape. Vermont, NH, and Maine - you have to see it and feel it and smell it. And Boston - what a great city.


The American West has wonderful national parks and places where there is unusual beauty to be seen and photographed. Wandering around Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, California, and the Pacific coast is a joyful experience. Who could imagine the grandeur of Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies.


Mexico, Central America, and South America have wonderful history and cultures and colorful places to visit. Europe is large and old with great cities as well as bucolic and scenic rural areas. Asia is even larger and older and more mysterious. It's hard to imagine how oil has transformed the dusty desert countries of the Arabian Peninsula into modern marvels. And Dubai. Amazing!


So much history! England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, China, and Australia are all places I hope to return to for more adventures. I guess, for me, the bags will always be packed and ready and the cameras and lenses in good working condition. Just hope this 73 year old body keeps on working also. Happy travels!







© 2014 by ARLON J SIEVE.



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